Case Study: Microposite, Inc

With no new introductions to the residential siding market in over 20 years, Microposite, Inc. hired The Ardell Group to launch a brand-new, next-generation siding category. In a market with several large, incumbent players who had dominated the industry for decades, Ardell was charged with positioning Microposite as a viable competitor and launching the new premium siding product.

Ardell developed a PR strategy focusing on Microposite’s innovation and creativity, identifying relevant green attributes from the get-go to position Microposite at the forefront of the cleantech movement – against traditional, established companies who were having difficulty being perceived as “green.” Ardell recognized and leveraged Microposite’s opportunity to capture the mood of the market by introducing Microposite as a newcomer with fresh ideas and advanced technology delivering a modern and eco-friendly alternative in the premium siding market.

Microposite’s PR program generated ink in a wide variety of publications, with coverage in top-tier national building trade magazines including Architectural Record, Professional Builder, Custom Builder, Remodeling, RSI and Composites Technology – all of which noted Microposite’s green messages, including insulation and energy efficiency.
Led editors to include Microposite on industry renown top product lists including the Journal of Light Construction’s “Top Innovative Products.” Custom Builder featured Microposite as the “next big thing in siding” while Builder Magazine selected Microposite as part of their “Top Picks.”
Captured the attention of major national real-estate and green building editors, with both the Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Tribune featuring the product and noting that Microposite is “rated three times more energy-efficient in independent tests.”

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