Client Testimonials

“The Ardell Group has consistently created significant awareness for AMCC in major business and financial outlets, while helping us diffuse and navigate through potentially damaging media situations. In the seven years they’ve represented us, they’ve been an asset to not only the marketing organization at AMCC, but to our executive team as well.”
Dave Rickey – Former President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, AMCC

“The Ardell Group understands the big picture and how to align the various strategic and tactical elements of a PR program with a company’s business goals. The results they produce are off the charts and it’s why we had such a positive long-standing relationship with the team.”
Gary Bolton – Vice President of Product Marketing, Ciena

“Working with The Ardell Group is a very different experience compared to any other PR firms I have worked with. Their PR philosophy is structured around delivering consistent, measurable and extremely valuable results. As a start-up company, we received tremendous return on our PR investment, as they consistently positioned Cielo strategically in our target markets, all the while giving us straightforward recommendations on how to make the most of our budget. I’d highly recommend Ardell to anyone looking for a tech-savvy PR firm.”
Denise Ridolfo – Former Marketing Communications Manager, Cielo Communications

“A phone call I took the other day reflects that of many other similar calls over the last several months. The conversation led off with the statement, ‘You are being quoted so often and have published so many articles … that I just had to call you.’ Needless to say, I am looking forward to the time when we can launch another successful product line together.”
Bruce T. Stonely – Former Product Manager, EFI Electronics

“The flexibility that the Ardell Group offers in its non-retainer billing structure is very helpful when we’re trying to plan our budget. With a trade organization, you need that flexibility as there are always unexpected surges of PR activity.”
Steve Christo – Marketing Chair, ASI SIG and Director of Marketing, Stargen

“With Ardell there’s no questioning your return-on-investment. Not only did we receive extensive coverage from an initial product launch, but Ardell helped position us as technology and market leaders – to this day, we’re still realizing the benefits. Results were better than expected.”
Gregory Leiser – Vice President Finance and CFO, Amistar Corporation

“The Ardell Group consistently delivers results that exceed our expectations, demonstrating a level of PR expertise, quality work and integrity that is hard to find. The Ardell team truly validates our investment.”
Tom Hume – Director of Marketing Communications, AMCC

“The team at Ardell is truly an extension of my investor relations department. We’ve come to rely on them for strategic input to the executive team and driving outreach to top-tier business and financial outlets. Their PR expertise and counsel has helped us quickly diffuse potential crisis situations. They’re intimately knowledgeable about the company and industry, and we value their consistently relevant and fresh perspective.”
Debra Hart – Director of Investor Relations, AMCC

“I would strongly recommend the Ardell Group to any company or industry organization which values the strategic media and analyst relations part of its marketing programs. Their technology depth and PR expertise are top notch. They will deliver.”
Mike Sodergren – Former Marketing Director – LAN Division, National Semiconductor Corporation

Media & Analysts

“In my years of working with The Ardell Group, I’ve been most impressed with their professionalism and smart representation of their clients. The Ardell Group can be depended on to be knowledgeable, helpful and efficient when dealing with the trade press.”
Loring Wirbel – Communications Group Editorial Director, EE Times

“As an analyst firm, ESG interacts with several PR teams on a daily basis. Whether it is coordinating an event or notifying us with relevant news, the Ardell Group has consistently supported us with timely, accurate information.”
Brian Babineau – Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

“The Ardell Group is a pleasure to work with. Whether it’s a last-minute interview with one of their clients or an article idea that matches my magazine’s editorial direction and deadlines, they always deliver what I want, when I want it.”
Stephen Hardy – Editorial Director & Associate Publisher, Lightwave

“In my 10 years in the communication sector, I have worked with a ton of PR agencies. Few agencies provide the knowledge of a company and product line like the Ardell Group. The Ardell Group understands the companies it represents as well as the industry publications I manage. This lets the agency effectively direct pitches my way and deliver the material I need to cover a product, news, or technology story.”
Rob Keenan – Editor, CMP Electronics Group

“As an analyst, I work with a lot of PR people, and The Ardell Group team is among the most helpful. They are always quick to respond and provide the information that I need.”
Linley Gwennap – Principal Analyst, The Linley Group

“Working with the Ardell Group is effortless – their knowledge of the wireless market, technologies and various applications ensure that we can communicate on the same level.”
Nancy Friedrich – Former Technology Editor, Wireless Systems Design

“I know I can always rely on the Ardell Group to contribute rich, timely content that will provide our readers with an in-depth look at some of the latest trends and product developments within a variety of markets.”
Mark Barrera – Senior Technical Editor, Embedded Computing Design

“The PR team at Ardell is very responsive and knowledgeable about the markets they serve. I can always count on them to help me track down key insights and data for my research on the communication semiconductor market.”
Sean Lavey – Analyst, IDC

“I’ve always been impressed by The Ardell Group’s insight, responsiveness and support offered to me as an analyst. Everyone at The Ardell Group is relied upon and trusted in the analyst community and I view them as true experts in the PR profession.”
Simon Stanley – Founder and Principal Consultant, Earlswood Marketing Limited (UK)


“During fourteen years of working with The Ardell Group, I’ve never seen any other agency so adept at creating coverage opportunities. They have the depth to understand the intricacies of new software, communications or semiconductor technologies and the media contacts to place a story where it reaps the greatest PR results.”
Jim Hunt – Hunt Communications

“For many years we have valued and enjoyed our partnership with The Ardell Group. Their strategic work is top notch and they perform their duties with integrity and their customers’ best interests in mind.”
Kathy Price – President, Price Communications

“It is always a pleasure to work with The Ardell Group on pan-European client programs – they are totally professional, as well as fun to work with! They provide a strong lead on strategy and key messaging and give us the freedom to achieve great results for clients, according to specific European needs and requirements.”
Martina Brembeck – Principal of AxiCom Germany