Case Study: AltaRock Energy

AltaRock Energy developed groundbreaking technology and methodologies to create Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) that hold the potential to create many Gigawatts of clean renewable baseload power, and substantially increase the proportion of renewable energy supplying power to the grid. AltaRock’s technology has the potential to greatly reduce the cost of geothermal energy and allow geothermal energy from EGS to scale up to become a major player in the energy mix. AltaRock asked the Ardell Group to raise their profile in the industry and create local community support for their Newberry EGS demonstration project in Central Oregon.

Implement a national media campaign targeting key industry trades, business outlets, and some top-level science consumer outlets to create excitement and understanding about the revolutionary nature of AltaRock technology and the impact it could have on our national energy mix. Ardell created a PR program targeting key media to educate them about the benefits and importance of AltaRock technology, and created relationships for AltaRock with those media with the goal of having them cover the company and the EGS story both initially and over time. Ardell also implemented a community outreach program to educate the local population and garner support from local politicians and business groups.

• Major coverage in top line print and broadcast outlets including the BBC, FOX News, INC Magazine, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Popular Science, Associated Press, NPR, and many industry Trade Journals.
• 3 contributed articles placed in key trade journals.
• Multiple public presentations to the general public, local business groups, and local politicians.
• Field trips to the site with local politicians and government representatives and staff.
• Extensive coverage in the local media both print and broadcast.

Links to Coverage:

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