Case Study: Staccato Communications

Staccato Communications, an Ultra Wideband wireless technology pioneer and Certified Wireless USB leader, asked The Ardell Group to increase the company’s visibility in US and Asia.

To penetrate target outlets and educate thought leaders in the industry on Staccato’s value proposition and role in the UWB market. Ardell established and maintained strong relationships with target US and Asia contacts to ensure that Staccato was viewed as an expert and prominent player.

78% of total coverage garnered was stand-alone (Prior to Ardell, stand-alone coverage was 27%)

55% of total coverage garnered appeared in targeted Tier One publications

The majority of each competitor’s non-stand-alone, “industry” clips included mentions of Staccato (Prior to Ardell, Staccato Communications had the lowest percentage of stand-alone coverage)

In a three-month time period, Ardell secured 4 contributed article placements.

Dramatically increased editorial presence in Asia, establishing new editor relationships that Staccato Communications did not previously have

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