Energy Technology

energy technology public relationsWe have a long history of work in the renewable energy field including chairing the renewable energy focus group for the AeA in San Diego, and chairing the Renewable Energy focus group for the Oregon state funded Economic Development group. We have also worked with the California Center for Sustainable Energy, Velesolaris, Davenport Power, and AltaRock Energy.

We have a passion for energy technology public relations which includes renewable energy and energy systems, and bring our technical depth, writing skills, and marketing expertise to the renewable energy field.

Geothermal Energy

We have represented Davenport Newberry and AltaRock Energy for the last 3 years, and are looking to expand our reach in the geothermal industry. We have handled the community relations for the Newberry Geothermal project turning around a very negative situation with activist opposing the project and sewing seeds of doubt in the community into broad community support and a mostly silenced opposition group.

geothermal energy technology public relationsWe did this with a lot of networking, public speaking, media coverage, persistence, and hard work continuously presenting the facts and science to contradict the hysteria and scare tactics being used by the activists. This is a great victory for AltaRock, the Newberry Geothermal Project, and the community.

We have also conducted a National media program that has positioned AltaRock Energy as a thought leader in the industry. AltaRock has pioneered a new method for creating Engineered Geothermal Systems that could revolutionize the industry and greatly expand the role of geothermal energy in our energy portfolio. View our AltaRock Energy Case Study Here

We have placed hundreds of media hits for AltaRock including coverage in the Wall Street Journal, INC. Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, Popular Science, FOX News, the BBC, and many others. We also placed and wrote 3 feature articles on AltaRock for target industry publications.

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